Overview of Work

gbl_column_lIn order to assess our ability to perform your work, we’d rather let our Clients have the last word. Here is a sample of comments and web site work we have done for people — and we think it speaks for itself!

“I approached Edesignz to construct a website for our film production company. We would recommend Edesignz to anyone looking to build a site. Further, their service and maintenance is prompt and quick making them a pleasure to work with.”
Karl Zohrab, Film Producer, Elevenmedia Limited


You can choose to maintain the Web Site yourself, or have us maintain it. Modifications and related matters can be handled as and when they are needed, or on a monthly basis [for example, monthly newsletters].

A successful Web Site project is one that stays relevant to its users: the web is an ongoing, ever-changing medium.
If you tell users you will have a newsletter every month, you must maintain it every month — information is the lifeblood of the online world and your users will appreciate up-to-date and relevant content. Therefore, a comittment to reviewing the Web Site on basis suitable to your business is a crucial part of the entire Project. For some busineses, this may simply be a case of reviewing once every six months, for others such as news sites, this may involve weekly or even daily updates. We would be happy to discuss your requirements at the time of contact.

Currently headed up

Edesignz is currently headed up by Alan Benton.

After working at Unisys in the UK during 1995, Alan completed his BA (History and Information Systems). He founded Edesignz Ltd in 1999. He also has training in Multmedia Applications, receiving a Diploma of Multimedia from Natcoll in 2005.
Edesignz has formed some unique partnerships with a number of leading developers around New Zealand and globally as well, to bring the best people onboard any given Project.

Quite simply, this means that Edesignz Ltd can take advantage of competitve worldwide rates to get you the best prices for your Web presence!

What are the real costs for Ecommerce?

In addition to the cost of building the Website itself, there are at least 3 other major things to consider with ecommerce:
A Merchant Account with your Bank

Before online commerce is even possible for your business, you need a Merchant Account with your Bank. There is usually a non-refundable Application Fee. The Merchant account then attracts standard Monthly Maintenance fees of around $10 Per Month.
A Secure Server Certificate for the Website

Finding a reliable website creator is important. Likewise, finding the best and most reliable online casino slots is just as important.

A Secure Server Certificate is a requirement for Ecommerce. You can use what is known as a “shared certificate”. However, this will show your Customer the name of your ISP / Hosting Provider on their Credit Card Statement, and some people get confused if it does not show your actual Web Site name when they receive their Statement. This is where a lot of chargebacks occur, since Customers do not actually realise they have been charged legitimately.

Standard Merchant Account Bank Fees
These are usually based on Volume of Sales. and of course, standard Account Maintenance Fees. The average rate from the Bank of New Zealand is 4.5% (minimum) for example for each batch of Transactions.

Web Site Development

Web Site Development Packages
Through our range of selected Service Partners we will be able to offer an even better way to promote yourself via the Internet. Please see the Services area for more information.


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We have offered Clients around the World a range of Web design, Web Programming and related Web Services since 1999. In addition, we develop and market Web-specific Software Solutions, both to our Clients and directly to other Service Providers within the Industry.

We will work in partnership with you and think the results of this speak for themselves:
In my many years of working with IT people, this experience with Edesignz has been the most pleasurable, the most professional .. Thanks.”
Prof J Hattie, University of Auckland (School of Education), PROJECT asTTLe

“I approached Edesignz to construct a website for our film production company. We would recommend Edesignz to anyone looking to build a site. Further, their service and maintenance is prompt and quick making them a pleasure to work with.”
Karl Zohrab, Film Producer, Elevenmedia Limited

Web Development Solutions

These Solutions are about getting you online with minimum difficulty, so you can get on with your business.
All come with Content Management Systems, so you are in full control of your Web Site after deployment.

Promote your Business 24/7! Manage your Content online! Accept Transactions online!
View Development to see all the options available to getting your Business online. We offer a range of services which will enable you to get online and capture the benefits of the Web.

Services & Rates

services_peopleWe are in a position to solicit the best Team to work on your Project. We work to find a Solution that fits your budget without compromise on quality, service or performance. We concentrate on the work that needs to be done, so you can get on with your business and your life unhindered. Simple!

We assess your requirements and submit a Brief & Quote for your consideration prior to any commencement of Work. You may also wish to have a look at our complete Web Solutions.

How secure is Ecommerce?

There is nothing about Ecommerce that makes it less safe than handing over your Credit Card any other way, for example to a waiter in a restaurant. Safety online is about common sense, and it pays – quite literally – to check the following when shopping online:

• What Refunds and Returns Policies apply?
What warranties are claimable in your Country? A lot of confusion arises in online shopping because something is bought from outside the Sellers country of origin and the Customer may not be able to redeem certain warranties outside that region by law. Check this out before you buy! Some items may also attract Import duties and other levies, which is completely outside the influence of the person selling you the product.

• Who charges the Customer?
A lot of confusion also arises because people forget that some online shops use a third-party service to do the actual transaction — such as PayPal for example. Therefore, the PayPal company might appear on your statement as the entity taking funds from your account, not necessarily the shop name or website (although this is actually referenced as well) and you may think it is a false transaction and cancel it – only to find you’ve done a responsible Merchant out of their money! This is responsible for over 80% of chargebacks on Credit Cards – and more fees as a result because of the incidence of people reporting this as Internet “fraud”. A lot of this is NOT actually fraud but people misinterpreting who is actually responsible for charging them on the Merchant’s behalf at the final stage of the transaction.

• Contacting the Merchant — is this easy for the Customer?
Can you contact the seller easily? Do they have multiple ways to get in touch? Is the shop located at the same address given by the seller? Check out their location against any trade or business directory. If it is a home-based business, check the address and contact number against the name of the shop & site owner. This can all be done easily. If it doesn’t match it may very well be an unsafe place to shop, so be wary. But if they are a registered company, are easy to contact, and are prompt in responding to any questions about this, they are probably not in the business of doing you out of your money.

• The Website environment itself
Does it have a Secure Server Certificate? Is the shop experience itself secure: do you go through a secure online checkout system (as evidenced by a padlock at the bottom of your browser)? What details are they requiring from you?

Sample Projects

auck_asttle Auckland University — Project asTTle

Original Website Design | Logo Design | Content Conversions | Web Copywriting
Uni of Auckland, Ministry of Education NZ and the Educational Testing Centre, University of NSW Australia. After our work on the original Site the project was then integrated into the Te Kete Ipurangi Web Site TKI.

rnzcgpProject asTTle as a whole was an AWARD WINNER in the “Excellence in the Use of IT in Education: Tertiary, Community and Commercial” Category at the NZ Computerworld Excellence Awards 2003

YouTube_VideoRoyal NZ College of GPs
Site Content Conversions | CMS Integration | Web Copywriting
We were responsible for moving content from the old website into the new CMS system (Silverstripe CMS) for the College Website.

Royal NZ College of GPs YouTube Channel
Video Production | Editing | Content/Format Conversion for online distribution:
We were contracted to undertake conversion of film content of the College’s “Quality Symposium” held 2009, edit it into individual speaker videos, and make it available for public access on YouTube. This included transfer from tape to digital format over 50 individual clips, then applying titles, editing and enhancing the audio and video picture and outputting the appropriate video format.

The official YouTube Channel and the videos produced for the College of GPs is here

NZ: EDS Training Module (Internal Only)
Software/Application Development
Flash-based Training Application based on internal training requirements.

NZ: Telecom Training Module (Internal Only)
Software/Application Development
Telecom is the largest Communications provider in NZ, and this was another flash-based application written for internal staff training requirements.

newzealandcds.com — Online Music store
Website Design | Ecommerce
New Zealand CDs is the online branch of Musiquarium, a CD store located on Auckland’s Dominion Road. They supply a lot of CDs to overseas customers via their website. This particular site Integrates with Utopia Solutions (NZ) Ecommerce Gateway and the ASB Bank (NZ)

NZCDs is soon to branch out into another Web-only space which will be released shortly.