Overview of Work

In order to assess our ability to perform your work, we’d rather let our Clients have the last word. Here is a sample of comments and web site work we have done for people — and we think it speaks for itself! “I approached Edesignz to construct a website for our film production company. We […]


You can choose to maintain the Web Site yourself, or have us maintain it. Modifications and related matters can be handled as and when they are needed, or on a monthly basis [for example, monthly newsletters]. REMEMBER! A successful Web Site project is one that stays relevant to its users: the web is an ongoing, […]

Currently headed up

Edesignz is currently headed up by Alan Benton. After working at Unisys in the UK during 1995, Alan completed his BA (History and Information Systems). He founded Edesignz Ltd in 1999. He also has training in Multmedia Applications, receiving a Diploma of Multimedia from Natcoll in 2005. Edesignz has formed some unique partnerships with a […]

What are the real costs for Ecommerce?

In addition to the cost of building the Website itself, there are at least 3 other major things to consider with ecommerce: A Merchant Account with your Bank Before online commerce is even possible for your business, you need a Merchant Account with your Bank. There is usually a non-refundable Application Fee. The Merchant account […]

Web Site Development

Web Site Development Packages Through our range of selected Service Partners we will be able to offer an even better way to promote yourself via the Internet. Please see the Services area for more information.


Are you developing a website for your business but having trouble gathering funds for the project? Playing in Canadian online casinos can make you enough money for the project. We have offered Clients around the World a range of Web design, Web Programming and related Web Services since 1999. In addition, we develop and market […]

Web Development Solutions

These Solutions are about getting you online with minimum difficulty, so you can get on with your business. All come with Content Management Systems, so you are in full control of your Web Site after deployment. Promote your Business 24/7! Manage your Content online! Accept Transactions online! View Development to see all the options available […]

Services & Rates

We are in a position to solicit the best Team to work on your Project. We work to find a Solution that fits your budget without compromise on quality, service or performance. We concentrate on the work that needs to be done, so you can get on with your business and your life unhindered. Simple! […]

How secure is Ecommerce?

There is nothing about Ecommerce that makes it less safe than handing over your Credit Card any other way, for example to a waiter in a restaurant. Safety online is about common sense, and it pays – quite literally – to check the following when shopping online: • What Refunds and Returns Policies apply? What […]

Sample Projects

Auckland University — Project asTTle Original Website Design | Logo Design | Content Conversions | Web Copywriting Uni of Auckland, Ministry of Education NZ and the Educational Testing Centre, University of NSW Australia. After our work on the original Site the project was then integrated into the Te Kete Ipurangi Web Site TKI. Project asTTle […]