Development Process

Your Web Site will be one of the most crucial business assetts you have. We design web sites to exacting standards and our Clients clearly appreciate what we can do for them. A successful Project follows a clear path to achieving its goals.
Tips on what to consider in a Web Site: Development Checklist PDF
Tips on what to consider for Ecommerce Sites: Ecommerce PDF

Stage 1: Preparation
Examining what your Business requires from a presence on the Internet – initiating contact with potential employees? Generating new prospects? Attracting the interests of investors? For informing Staff?

Stage 2: Predevelopment
Once you have decided when the specifications fit your requirements, you initiate commencement of the Project, and we produce the Drafts. This is the Prototype stage and you will be invited to give feedback on the development when the Drafts are presented for inspection. You will be expected to sign-off the Draft(s) before work proceeds at this point.
An important part of predevelopment is ongoing “usability” research: finding out how any proposed online presence is likely to affect other areas of your organisation and the normal business processes required in running it on a daily basis. For example, does enabling a more cohesive promotional channel online mean taking a second look at the core objectives of your “offline” sales team as a result. Perhaps they could spend their time better following up and closing sales, rather than spending that time generating leads. The successful web presence takes into account a large amount of internal and external factors for a result that meets the goals set at the beginning of the Project.

Stage 3: Development
We will finalise the Work(s) in full according to the final specifications; Each stage of the Development Phase will involve Project Milestones along the way, to both ensure on-time delivery and that the Project is meeting the criteria set out at the beginning;

Stage 4: Pre Launch Testing
The Work(s) are completely retested to ensure all parts function as required; During this phase other elements of your Web project may be started such as initial advertising and promotion, reprinting of stationery if required and so forth.

Stage 5: Promotion
The main public awareness campaign will start (where applicable).

The work(s) are officially released for public use / to the intended audience;