How much does Web Development cost?

Although we get asked this question the most, we cannot give you a definite price as we would have to assess your particular requirements to do so. However, you can get a fairly accurate idea if you look over our pricing for the Package Solutions we offer.

Web Development typically breaks down into 4 main Cost Areas:
DESIGNING the Site (typically a one-off fee);
HOSTING the Site (a Monthly fee);
PROMOTING the Site (usually an ongoing cost)
MAINTAINING the Site after launch.

Maintenance is very important for search results and getting found on the internet. Sites that are updated relatively frequently maintain “relevancy” to search engines and are thus indexed more often than those which are not updated on a regular basis.
If you are going to consider Ecommerce, a Site with a Database attached, or just one which is rich in media content, you will be looking at a higher cost for designing and hosting the Website with the appropriate technologies in place on the Server itself, not just the Website.

OUR RATE: $85 NZD ex GST per Hour of Service
Pricing of a complete professional Web site can range from $1000+ minimum for a ‘typical’ Brochure Site through to $6500+ for a Corporate Web Site combining a Database and other more advanced features.
NOT FROM NZ? Rates are calculated into $USD, and payments may be sent to us via Credit Card or International Bank Transfer. We also can be contacted by offshore Clients via who run their own Payment Transfer Service if that is more suitable to you.