Samples of Development Work

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wgtn_eleven_filmsEleven Media
Website Design
Eleven Media is a local firm dedicated to producing high-quality, NZ film and documentaries.

canada_stsCANADA: Sea To Sky Celebrations
Website Re-design | Social Media Integration
This project was carried out for a Wedding consultant operating out of Whistler, Canada. Our work included an overhaul of previous website, enabling the new social media feeds (Twitter and Facebook) and alterations on the look.

USA: TM Consult
GUI-Interface Design | Data Collection integration
US-based IT consultants, overhaul of previous website. Site involved Data Collection for prospective job applicants to positions offered by the Company on behalf of business clients.

USA: Vertex Technologies
GUI-Interface Design | ASP Database Integration
Web Site for Technology-related careers advice and services

US: Domain Lookout
ASP Database Integration
Domain Lookout was a former US-based domain name search facility.

Content/Data Management Solutions

Content/Data Management Solutions in final phase of testing
Pre-release testing of our Internet-based Content & Data Management System for Web Sites commences. This solution will allow users to update and manage content from anywhere, via a standard Internet Browser. ReEDIT, a Windows-based Application which can be run from your PC and which will also allow editing of your Web Site without the need to learn code nears final testing as well.

Online Payments

Online Payments for our Products/Services
PayPAL fully functional again as a Credit Card payment option for Clients in NZ and Overseas. Visit the official PayPal Web Site for more information on this Service.

Development Services



If you need any Services below, contact us and we will provide a Design Brief for you.
For tips on what to consider in a Web Site, download our Development Checklist.

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••Coding for Web Sites + Web-based Applications Development
••••- standard html coding, database setups + installation for web sites using ASP+ PHP
••••- content Management Applications [included in all Package Solutions]
••Graphics + Visual Design Solutions
••••- wSite Interface design, flash™-based Design, multimedia-based Web Sites
••Web Site Hosting
••••- recommended Hosting Options, please contact us for specific requirements
••Other Development Solutions
••••- CD-ROM-based Media Authoring
••Promotion + Marketing Services
•••••••• – $P.O.A. Per Web Site Per Month
We are familiar with a wide range of Products as used by professional developers

New Packages

news_cworldawardNew Packages and general new layout for Website.

2003 Winners – Full ListThe Computerworld Excellence Awards 2003 have now been given out. Edesignz is proud to have been involved in the Web development phases of Project asTTle, WINNER of the “Excellence in the Use of IT in Education: Tertiary, Community and Commercial” Award.
We heartily congratulate John Hattie and the rest of the Team involved for the final outcome!

How much does Web Development cost?

Although we get asked this question the most, we cannot give you a definite price as we would have to assess your particular requirements to do so. However, you can get a fairly accurate idea if you look over our pricing for the Package Solutions we offer.

Web Development typically breaks down into 4 main Cost Areas:
DESIGNING the Site (typically a one-off fee);
HOSTING the Site (a Monthly fee);
PROMOTING the Site (usually an ongoing cost)
MAINTAINING the Site after launch.

Maintenance is very important for search results and getting found on the internet. Sites that are updated relatively frequently maintain “relevancy” to search engines and are thus indexed more often than those which are not updated on a regular basis.
If you are going to consider Ecommerce, a Site with a Database attached, or just one which is rich in media content, you will be looking at a higher cost for designing and hosting the Website with the appropriate technologies in place on the Server itself, not just the Website.

OUR RATE: $85 NZD ex GST per Hour of Service
Pricing of a complete professional Web site can range from $1000+ minimum for a ‘typical’ Brochure Site through to $6500+ for a Corporate Web Site combining a Database and other more advanced features.
NOT FROM NZ? Rates are calculated into $USD, and payments may be sent to us via Credit Card or International Bank Transfer. We also can be contacted by offshore Clients via who run their own Payment Transfer Service if that is more suitable to you.